Here are some of the most common questions asked by visitors to the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Feel free to leave us a note on the Contact Us page, or on Facebook.

May I bring my own dog to the show?  S/he would love to see all those other dogs.

We love dogs, and are glad you do, too, but your four-legged best friend needs to sit this one out (including Emotional Support Animals).  Only dogs entered in the dog shows are are participating in the Special Event Trials and Testing are permitted inside the show facility.  As always, Service Animals are welcome.  However, feel free to buy your pet a wonderful consolation prize from any of the many vendors who will be selling a fabulous range of doggie items at the show!

Can I bring a camera?

Yes!  Just make sure to ask the owner/handler before taking a picture of a particular dog.  

Note: if you are planning on taking pictures for commercial use, you will need to get signed release forms from owners before you may use them in a for-profit or commercial application.  

What is the best time to come? 

Or otherwise asked as “Where are all the dogs?”  Judging begins early in the morning each day.  As each breed concludes their judging, most owners will take their dogs home if they do not need to stay for a performance event, or did not advance to the Group competition.  You can check the Judging Program for a complete list of judging times for each of the breeds entered at the show.  If you come in the afternoon, you will arrive in time to see the Group Competitions and the Best in Show Competition–both of which are the parts that are televised, if you watch dog shows on TV–but most of the dogs will have left at that point.  Remember, each day is a complete show from Individual Breed Competitions to Best in Show Competition.  If you missed your favorite on Saturday, feel free to come back on Sunday!

If you have been coming to the Detroit Kennel Club dog shows for a long time, you may remember when the dogs were on-site all day.  That style of dog show is called a “benched show.”  Several years ago the DKC moved to the more popular unbenched format to better meet the needs of dog owners and handlers.  There are still plenty of great dogs to see, and we know you will have a great time!

This will be my first visit to a dog show. What should I look for?

There will be a day full of special events, performance trials, and conformation competitions (think beauty pageant for dogs) that will demonstrate the amazing versatility of pure-bred dogs. If you have questions once you arrive, please stop by the Information Booth located in the exhibition hall across from the main entrance.

How can I meet different breeders and learn about my favorite breed?

During the lunch hour (approximately noon – 1 pm) each day, there will be special Meet the Breed sessions located in 1-2 designated show rings. During these sessions, owners will bring their dogs, and visitors can wander from dog to dog, meet them–and give them a few pets– and ask any questions you may have. These fun and informal sessions are available free of charge to anyone attending the Dog Shows.

Is food available at the show?

Yes! There is a wide selection of food concessions inside the hall, as well as vendors with tasty treats just right for snacking. Just be sure not to feed any furry friends!

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