If you would like to enter your dog in the DKC Dog Shows and you are entering for the first time, here are some quick guidelines to get you started.

In order to successfully register your dog for the DKC Dog Shows you must first be sure that your dog:

  • is registered with the AKC
  • is 6 months of age or older
  • is current on all inoculations

Once your dog meets these criteria, you will want to learn the proper techniques for grooming and for presenting your dog in the ring. Your breed club will be a huge help in teaching you about grooming dos and don’ts.

Learning to present your dog takes practice for you and your dog. You may want to take a class through an obedience training facility, such as Basic Conformation. This will give you some valuable experience with presenting your dog to its best in a non-competition environment, and, since the class will be led by an experienced teacher, you will get important feed back, tips and tricks to help you as well.

You will also want to become familiar with the AKC Rules and Regulations for dog shows.

Once you are on your way learning and preparing, you are able to enter any AKC show that you want. Note that some shows are breed-specific, such as “specialty” shows, and some are performance trials, such as obedience and agility. To show in conformation, you will want to register for an “All Breed” show. These shows may also offer Specialty Shows, and Performance Trials at the same show site during the same weekend. You are able to enter only the events in which you wish to be involved.

To enter the Detroit Kennel Club Shows, go to the Show Superintendent, Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, for an entry form. You must pre-register for nearly all AKC shows. Note that each show will have a Closing Date by which your entry registration must be received or post-marked.

Once the Superintendent has received your entry registration, and after the entries close, the superintendent will mail you the Judging Program and confirmation of your entry. The Judging Program will give you your judging time, the name of the judge, and ring location for your breed. It usually arrives 7 to 10 days prior to the show. If you have any questions about your entry, or you don’t receive your judging program and confirmation, feel free to contact the Superintendent.